ARTICLE I. Name and purpose

Section 1. Name
The Ocean State BMW Riders (also “OSBMWR”) is a not-for profit club started in 1993.
Section 2. Purpose
The objectives of the club are: (a) To afford companionship and recreation for its members. (b) To enhance its members enjoyment of their BMW motorcycles. (c) To support responsible efforts to protect the legal rights of motorcyclists. (d) To improve the public image of motorcycling. (e) To promote safe motorcycling.
Section 3. Means
The club may achieve its objectives by any lawful means determined by the Board of Officers including, but not limited to, publications, rallies and other events or activities.

ARTICLE II. Location

Meetings shall be held at a location chosen the Board of officers. For Club matters, the address of the Club shall be that selected by the Board.

ARTICLE III. Membership

Section 1. Qualifications
Membership in to the Club is open to any person interested in BMW motorcycles, who subscribes to the purpose of the Club, and agrees to abide by the bylaws.
Section 2. Regular Membership (“also voting members”)
Qualified persons may apply for Active Regular Membership By submitting to the Club a completed application form accompanied by the annual dues in the amount set by the Board of Officers. Applications shall be deemed as the consent by the applicant to abide these bylaws. Membership materials. e.g., publications, decals, pins, cards may be issued at the discretion of the Board of Officers.
Section 3. Other Classes of Membership
The Board of Officers may establish special types of membership as multiyear, associate, honorary, or life but not restricted thereto.
Section 4.
Any member may resign from the Club, preferable in writing. Unused membership dues shall not be refundable.

ARTICLE IV. Government

Section 1. Officers
Club officers will serve a two-year term of office from January 1 to December 31of the next year, with no limitations on the number of successive terms they may serve. Candidates for President and Treasurer will be nominated and elected on odd numbered years. Vice President and Secretary will be nominated and elected on even numbered years. Nominations for club office will take place during the November meeting and up to the day of election in December. Candidates will then be voted into office at the December meeting by a simple majority vote.
Section 2. Directors
The club shall have five directors, who shall be selected by the President, for any term he is elected, three in his first year, one being the outgoing President if he so desires it, and 2 in his second year, and approved by the board, shall serve for 2 years, with no limitations on the number of successive terms they may serve.
Section 3. Board of Officers
The Board of Officers, (“the Board”) shall include the officers and directors set out in sections 1 and 2 above. Members serving on the Board will not be limited to a maximum of terms. (a) The Board shall exercise all powers of management of the Club. (b) The Board shall meet at least once in every calendar year at a location, date, and time set by the board (“the annual meeting”). Other meetings may be called by the President of Board when necessary to the activities of the Club. Six members of the Board will constitute a quorum.
Section 4. Duties
The President shall officiate at all meetings. The Vice-President shall officiate in the absence of the President. The Secretary shall maintain minutes of all meetings, carry on all correspondence, keep all current club records and perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Officers. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds making expenditures which are authorized by the Board of Officers, and is required to submit a report of the treasury at the monthly meetings or a time period defined the Board of Officers. NO person shall incur an obligation to, nor commit the credit of the Club, except as specifically authorized by the Board.
Section 5. Vacancy
If a vacancy occurs in any office between elections, the vacancy will be filled by the board. The person selected will finish the term of the position filled until next normal election of said position.
Section 6. Removal
Any Board member may be removed by a 3/4 vote of the Board of Officers, or 2/3 vote of the club membership at a duly designated meeting, only after 30 days advance written notice containing reasons for removal.


Dues and fees will be set by the Board of Officers. Members in arrears will be sent a written notice, by any form of Club Publication and their membership may be revoked if dues are not paid within one month of such notice.

ARTICLE VI. Amendments

An amendment of these bylaws may be proposed to the membership by a 3/4 vote of the Board of Officers. Members may propose changes by putting it into writing and giving it a Board member. The Secretary shall notify the voting membership by direct mail or by any publication in Club publications, including e-mail. Voting shall be the same method set forth in these bylaws for the election of officers. NO amendments shall become effective until approved by the membership.