President's Message    January

Happy New Year!

Again this month, as I write the snow is falling. With 14 inches of the white stuff on the way, there is no denying that winter is here. More than one club member has already said that they are experiencing riding-withdrawal pains. That hasnít hit me yet, probably due to the distractions of the holiday season, but it will. Meanwhile the Italian snuggles under her cover in the garage, while the German bravely takes the cold unprotected, because, well, sheís German.

With the beginning of a new year, we welcome our new club Secretary, Bruce Stevens. Congrats, Bruce, and many thanks to the outgoing Secretary, Arnold Kaija. In the Presidential vote, you folks chose to have me for another two years. Thank you. Iíll do my best.

2018 is a special one for our club. Itís our 25th anniversary year! Bob Afflick began the OSBMWR in 1993. A few of us have been members from the beginning when we held our meetings at Razee Motorcycles. It is quite an accomplishment for an organization to last this many years, and I think we deserve to celebrate. Let me know what ideas you have. Maybe special rides or a summer picnic? Think about it.

In the meantime, the OSBMWR Holiday Party will be on January 27 at Danís Carriage Inn & Saloon in North Kingstown. Save the date and learn more about it at the meeting on Monday. The club will subsidize some of the cost for all paid 2018 OSBMWR members. Registration will be up on the website soon.

We are also gathering your mileage for our motorcycle mileage contest. The mileage form will also be on the website soon. For the computer challenged, our new Secretary has agreed to accept mileage data at the club meeting. Weíre hoping that this will make it so easy that everyone will participate. Donít forget! Go into that chilly garage, uncover that beast (or beasts), and record the miles for each of your rides.

We have developed a tradition to prepare a dinner for the folks at the Providence Mission once or twice per year. We gather contributions from interested club members to buy the ingredients, and under the direction of the club chef, Vasilios,  we cook a really nice meal for the folks. We will do this once again on Friday, February 2. Contact one of the club officers if you are interested.

Lastly, as you know, at the upcoming March meeting, we conduct awards night. If you have a recommendation for the Best Scribe or the Faux Pas award, please pass them on.

Stay warm. See you at the meeting (with your mileage records)!