Vice President's Message   January 


I cannot remember the last day I rode my beemer. Amazing. This is the longest drought not at least sneaking a day in. There were opportunities about ten days ago, but I took the truck instead. The bikes are covered and I did start them this past weekend but that is as far as I got. Now we have this artic air, highly treated roads, and up to 14 inches of snow on the way! To sprinkle additional misery, I am currently fighting a pissa cold, hacking up a lung. As I type this I am wrapped up in a fleece blanket to ward off chills, sipping an adult beverage (scotch).

I usually do not make resolutions for the New Year. I don’t smoke, I am not giving up alcohol, and I already work out regularly. What I would really want to do would get me thrown into the ACI, so I would rather focus on what can we do to liven up our club. Using our Clam rally as our pivot, what can we branch off and do? I don’t want to even call them events, but rather just a ride opportunity. We can never get everyone to agree on the same date, so what about smaller, less complicated opportunities. Let’s call them micro rides. An approach, might be for everyone or at least several members put together a ride to a destination (a favorite, or someplace new) and advertise it on the web page and facebook, or even using email. Whoever wants to attend shows up and partakes. Some rides might draw less than others, but if only two or three attend it remains an adventure for them. These micro ride destinations will allow members more choices as scheduling conflicts arise. If we were able to schedule two or three of these per month then more opportunities for camaraderie may liven up our riding season. Another, albeit larger, undertaking might be a charity ride of sorts. There are national and regional rides raising awareness and donations for cancer, children, and a host of other causes that we could leverage. Or start a new specific cause focused more locally (shelters, children causes, soup kitchens).

I know we have had previous road captains/transportation secretaries get frustrated over attendance and this is understandable. However if we have smaller scale rides, Keeping it as simple as possible, most not requiring reservations (although some call for it) then the participating members will have more choices in our sometimes hectic schedules. To be successful will require members stepping up and putting together a route and planning/leading the ride. So instead of placing a burden on one or two club leaders we all take a piece and make a go of it. Thoughts?

See you all Monday


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