Webmaster Message January

Back in the saddle again. OOPS!  It is that D$#  tractor plowing me out from another snowstorm.  This came with snow drifts and high winds.  I was surprised to see no trees down and very little power outages.  Well I'm done plowing and back on the computer updating our Rumble and various Web pages.  Once finished, I'll make that needed trip to the wood pile.  This cold snap has been draining my wood and patience. 

Let's talk about the  Monday meeting.  We will have a lot of items to cover.  Join us to help our president make decisions based on your input.  We have a Holiday party,  a Faux Par award, Script award , mileage contest and  ride suggestions.

I thought I'd write an interesting article about my weekend, but nothing interesting happened. Write a colorful humorous story, Who me?  Colorful! Humorous! I'm thinking about the other guys.  Check out their articles!

See you on Monday, I will be the guy sitting alone!

Jimmy Carter