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Michelin Road 5: Michelin's Famous Do-It-All Tire Just Got Even Better

For the 5th version of the now legendary "Road" series, Michelin kept everything customers loved about the best-selling Pilot Road 4 tire, but went to work on enhancing grip, in both wet and dry conditions. The result is a tire that corners and brakes better in all road conditions - even with thousands of miles on it! Find out how they did it!

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To Save Motorcycling, We Need To Ride More...And Take New Riders With Us

Motorcycling is dying in the U.S. - as older riders rapidly age out of the sport, far fewer ones are taking their place, making motorcyclists an endangered species in America. An industry think tank organized by Indian CEO Robert Pandya recently gathered to find out why this is happening, and what we can do about it. The verdict? If motorcycling can be saved in the U.S., we will all have a part in doing it.

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Wet Weather Motorcycle Tire Buyer's Guide

Traction is everything on a motorcycle, but when wet weather hits, traction is the first thing to go. But motorcycles can get surprisingly good traction on wet roads - pros even race superbikes in the rain - but the key is having a tire with a tread pattern made to slice through water and keep you planted! Here's our pro guide to the very best motorcycle tires for wet weather.

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SGerber Multi Tool Review

A quality multi tool is a must for every rider. Gerber makes some of the most innovative and durable models. Today we look at the Center-Drive and Suspension models.

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Keanu Reeves' Arch Motorcycles Steps Its Game Up For 2018

Keanu Reeves is an oddity among celebrities, well-known for not only for his extreme level of humility and generosity - but also for a fanatical love of motorcycles. The passionate rider co-created Arch Motorcycles in 2007, but is finally taking it to the next level, with 3 impressive new models revealed on the world stage at this year's EICMA.

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10 Ways To Keep Your Old Bike Feeling New

Many of your motorcycles' part deteriorate as they age. This happens so slow that many riders don't even realize it is happening. But with some attention and care your bike can feel close to new Here are some tips to get more life and enjoyment from your ride by keeping it fresh.

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Year In Review: The Biggest Stories and Coolest Bikes of 2017

2017 was a big year for the motorcycle industry - Victory Motorcycles was shutdown unexpectedly, Harley-Davidson unceremoniously killed off the iconic Dyna line, Ducati released an epic V4 to power their all-new Panigale, and much more. We recap all the biggest stories and coolest new bikes to hit the market this year in our Year In Review!

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