Recreational Trails Program needs help on Coalition for Recreational Trails Council of Advisors

AMA encourages support from trails organizations

 The American Motorcyclist Association is one of 34 national trails-supporting organizations that make up the Coalition for Recreational Trails, with a seat on its board. Coalition members work together to build awareness and understanding of the Recreational Trails Program, which returns federal gasoline taxes paid by off-highway recreationists to the states for trail development and maintenance.

The CRT was established in 1992, the same year the precursor to RTP was created, with the express purpose of ensuring it receive adequate funding. Since then, the CRT has celebrated 22,000 RTP-funded trail projects through its annual award programs and succeeded in building awareness of RTPs importance, in Congress and in every state.

A longtime goal of the CRT has been to eliminate an opt-out provision in the Recreational Trails Program that allows governors to exclude their states from taking part, shifting trail dollars to highways. More recently, CRT has undertaken a campaign to close a long running and significant gap between off-highway enthusiasts' federal gas tax dollars collected and those made available to trails through the RTP, as explained here.

This form provides you an opportunity to add your trails-based club, organization or business to CRT's Council of Advisors. Doing so will include your group's name on letters supporting RTP that will be sent to members of Congress, the administration or to relevant governors and/or legislators. This effort renews one the CRT employed successfully when hundreds of interested groups signed on to support a previous CRT/RTP campaign.

For more information, email You can also contact the CRT directly through its secretary, Cathy Ahern, by phone at (202) 682-9530 or email at

Thank you for considering the addition of your trails-related organization or business to the CRT Council of Advisors. Please forward this request to all of your off-highway friends in the hope that they will be willing to do so, as well.

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