January 1997  Rumble
from Roy's Archives
          So what was going on with the Rumble 20 years ago?
We held our meetings on the 2nd Monday at 19:00 hrs. 7PM for you non Europeans, held at Duffy’s Tavern. The Club was still on its first president Bob Afflick, and a new member, yours truly had just done his first ride with the club in Dec. of 96 to Wrights Chicken Farm for Chicken on his new R-1100RS (Pearl).
         The Presidents letter:  Father Time has gone and that screaming baby in a diaper is here – 1997 is knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door (sorry Bob Dylan) or at least Nirvana.   I love the new year. A chance to do it all over again. The pace starts off slow, kind or sleepy, picks up through the middle, then it’s at a feaverish pitch for the finale. Maybe that’s why we’re all so glad to see the year end.     1996 was a very good year – a lot of great riding, camping, and many special memories. O almost hat to see it go. NOT!!!     Enough of this musing = 1997 is here, so start your planning – I have. This bid motorcycle called time, many of us are on and moving forward. If you’re not on it you are going to miss out Big Time.!     We've got a lot of things planned and a lot of events in the works for ‘97’. Stay tuned in, you’re going to love this one.    “There is no perfect time to get away……..Just Do It” –Anonymous  
Bob Afflick  
Some of the announcements
   CPR Training to be offered. Sign up is by February 15th.
    Don’t forget you Dues are Due!!!
    BMW Cruiser Sighted! Dubbed the R 1100-c due out in 1998.
    A two page article on Accessorizing an ’88 K75S
     OSBMWR PRESENTS  Chase away the winter blues party!!
    Date: Sat, Jan. 25, 1997 Time 06:30 – 70:00 Hors D’Oeuvres and
    Dinner at 7:00 pm     Where Kelly & Gazzaro Post, 1418 Plainfield
    Street, Cranston, RI   Entertainment 08:00 to 12:00am for your
    Listening and Dancing pleasure, Music from the 40’s to the 90’s by
    “SPICE”      Cost $20.00
                                                         What’s happening?
Jan Feb Mar
Jan 25 Chase away the winter blues
Feb 7-9 International Motorcycle Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York, NY
Feb 10 Monthly meeting 
Mar 3-9   Speed Week Daytona Beach Fla.
Mar 10     Awards Night
OSBMWR Awards Night   - Two Guys from Italy Pizza, Warwick, RI
Free Pizza and possibly an award for you!!   7:00pm   More info to follow next month.
  That’s it for the 1997 newsletter. I will bring it with me for anyone who wants to see it. The old cut and paste days, then to the printer, then to Sue and John Kelly for folding and stamping and then to the Post Office.
                         1997  Chicken Run Picture
From left to right:  top Mike Dessarro ,
Second row  Prez.Bob Afflick  Martin Glasser     
3rd row   Kid ??? Ralph Warnett with Wayne Langlais standing behind him,
yours truly Roy Jackson leaning on the hand rail.
Like my Morton Saltman rain gear. :)  
bottom row Carl Saccoccio, I do not remember the couple right of Carl 
Boy!  Have things changed!
I would say it’s a little easier to get one out today.  As you can see, not so much difference 20 years ago as it is now. Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  See you on Jan. 8, 2017   Roy