OSBMWR Club Store Manager Message

Rally 2017

If you didn’t get out to Camp Fuller for this year’s rally you missed a great time. Attendance numbers were up (official attendance is hopefully outlined in another story) but that didn’t seem to have any adverse effects whatever. Everything went like clockwork at the registration desk with an orderly parade of riders signing in, getting their wrist bands, their bag of goodies and that all important raffle ticket for the door prizes Saturday night.

The food was (no surprises here) awesome on both Friday and Saturday night. Vasilios is a tour de force in the kitchen with many hands on deck to pitch in and help with prep and clean up too. Several of the guys who were in the kitchen both nights showed noticeable improvements in their kitchen skills. Like they say, many hands make light work. You know who you are.

Friday night by the campfire featured all the usual suspects telling jokes, sharing stories and just hanging out on a beautiful early fall evening. I was sitting between two guys who were talking about doing some serious mechanical work on their airheads. Each had made similar changes and updates to their bikes but had some differences when it came to exactly how it should be done. “To shim or not to shim, that is the question.” Me…I had no clue what they were talking about. I ride a K bike and they never have any mechanical problems and can run for the better part of 200,000 miles between whatever it is that needs adjusting.

Saturday was sunny and quiet during the day until about 1PM when the chef said it was time for kitchen duty. Lots of people were out riding when the weather took a turn for the worse. It stormed from about 3 to 6 and everyone made it back wet but happy. Jack Riepe, our guest speaker, arrived mid day Saturday in his red F-150. He immediately asked for Tracy and unfortunately got Roy. Jack, I feel your pain.

Saturday night started with an awesome lobster-fest followed by Jack’s hilarious monologue. My favorite part of his routine was when he looked right at me as I was taking close-ups of his performance and said something like, “Yeah and you, thanks a lot, taking close-ups of my fat body sitting behind this WALKER!!! Great! Just great!” at which time he threw the walker across the room and stood up to rousing applause and laughter.

The highlight of the event was when Jack elevated two of our club members to the rank of Colonel in the Secret K-bike club, none other than the previously mentioned Tracy Karasinski and Roy Jackson. Tracy got a congratulatory hug while Roy got a kick in the ass :0) all in good fun of course.

After Jack’s presentation MC and Rally Chair Carl Saccoccio took center stage for the door prize raffle where many attendees were winners of gift certificates, special discounts, t-shirts and caps, various gear and electronics with several winning a signed copy of Jack’s book Conversations with a Motorcycle.

Next year the club celebrates 25 years and our 25th rally. That will certainly be fun, and if news gets out far and wide on this year’s event we will definitely have a sell out. On another note; if you have a suggestion for the t-shirt slogan, one to replace “Make Clams Great Again” please send those to the “Clam Lives Matter” Slogan Committee.

Joe Tatulli
OSBMWR Store Manager
Best regards,
Joe T